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By: Derek Parks | Date: Oct 24, 2014 | Parks Environmental Inc.
Navigating the reporting requirements for SRED eligibility over the past three years has required constant diligent as criteria is constantly changing. Chris Stevens and the Iwasan team work closely with our scientific experts to ensure the accounting expertise provided by their team is complementing the scientific expertise from our team that must be expressed when filing a successful SRED claims. Extremely grateful! Derek

By: Alain | Date: May 25, 2011 | Condoor Reg.
Chris has changed our company for the best.
I sincerely Highly recommend Criss and the Iwasan team.
Looking forward to more businesses for years to come.
Even in tough times, Our file is now a year old and over 50 emails were transmitted....Well he never lost patience and always guide me the best he could.
I was more than happy when we got confirmation of a 33 000 return....

Thanks a million Chris

Alain Gadoury
Condoor Reg Can trade name

By: Aaron Asp, COO | Date: Feb 28, 2011 | Modern Access Systems Inc.
We have been using IWASAN for our SRED claims for several years now. Chris and his team have always been extremely professional and provided quality service in a timely manner. Even with the obvious hurdles of being a Toronto company working with a West Coast consultant, we've never encountered a single reason to make a change. The process has always been as painless as I imagine is possible!

By: Douglas Ash | Date: Feb 28, 2011 | Smart Hotel Software Inc.
Iwasan has been doing our SRED claims for years and they do an excellent job. Fast, easy to work with and very effective. Chris and his team are able to navigate the labyrinth of the claims process giving direction on what will be accepted and what will not. I highly recommend them.

By: Terry Ellis CEO | Date: Feb 16, 2011 | Highliner Trailers Ltd
Chris Stevens and group has procesed two SRED grants for us now with great results . I would highly recomend them , they looked after everything and made it easy .

By: George Ekman | Date: Feb 16, 2011 | E-Kay Enterprises Ltd.
Iwasan has been doing our clames for three years now and we are very pleased with there work.Chris and his team are very professional and I recomend them to any company that is doing R&D.

By: Matt Coleman | Date: Feb 15, 2011 | Cherry Creek Breadbox
Chris and his team have done two filings for us with excellent results.For the past 15 years I have worked with many consultants and have found none to be as thorough and easy to work,with offering support at all levels of this process.I highly recomend Chris and his team to anyone thinking of applying for a SRED claim.His team will get you the results you want.

By: Carl Nissen | Date: Feb 15, 2011 | CLN Machining & Fabricating Ltd.
It is a real pleasure to do business with professional people that put the customers interest first, something that is becoming a rare commodity in our society.
Chris and his team has done three claims to date for my Company and I can only give Iwasan our best recommendations.
My Company motto is: "Buy the best and only cry once"
Carl Nissen President and owner.

By: Clint Sabatier | Date: Feb 14, 2011 | Precision Machining & Mfg.
As the president of my machine shop in Alberta I was very pleased with the results and efforts of Iwasan Consulting. I would highly recommend them to other shops that are in the manufacturing sector and situation as myself. It was a pleasure working with them.

By: Tony Slavin CEO | Date: Feb 14, 2011 | Inc
Chris and his team have done three filings for us and all of them went smoothly. His communication and turn around time is excellent and he dealt with any question or delays that I threw at him. To be honest I when I first looked into this program I thought the fees were expensive, but when you have the kind of support you get from IAWSAN you realize it is money well earned. I highly recommend Chris and his team based on my over 3 years of working with him. Tony

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